Welcome to Groveville

Groveville is a United Methodist community of faith that was established in 1836. We are just beggars who have found bread telling others where they might be fed. The most important part of our mission is to share God’s love with you!  

How do we do it?   By responding to God’s gift of love and being nurtured by the Word.  Also by witnessing to the forgiveness God has given to us and by being real.  At Groveville you will hear a Biblically based sermon every Sunday morning and take home at least one tool to help you grow in Christ Jesus.                                                       

Come for a visit. We anticipate and pray for visitors. We look forward to seeing you for Sunday Morning Worship!

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Message from Our Pastor

Even when lost…God knows where you are.

No doubt you have heard this adage in reconciling who owns something.”…finder’s keepers..Loser’s weepers. Simply put if I lose something, it’s my loss but if you find it, you get to keep whatever it is. We know that in our culture today, the mere finding of an object might not automatically endow one with legal ownership. If you find something today you best report it to the authorities and be guided to either wait the appropriate or legally prescribed time before ownership is conveyed. If you don’t follow these rules it may turn out that the finder will be weeping, for charges of theft or larceny may lie.

From time to time, one may lose or forget where something has been laid. We may lose objects tangible stuff. But of more importance we may lose our way in the stresses, and circumstances of our individual lives. In our Christian journey, while we may know without a doubt what we should be doing, where we should be going..we lose our way.

If that describes your plight today or maybe next week, month or year..don’t fret.for “…even when lost…God knows where you are…”

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